TRUONG THINH PHAT PHARMACEUTICAL AND MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CO. LTD is a company specializing in providing all healthcare and health protection products (medical protection products, consumable medical goods, medical equipment).

Health is the most precious asset of human beings. Being acutely aware of this vision, TRUONG THINH PHAT has gathered a team of health care professionals, technical health experts, who have long – term extensive working experience in the health sector, major medical equipment manufacturers around the world and Vietnam, especially gathering dynamic and devoted members … to stand side by side with the goal of TOGETHER CREATING SUCCESSFUL OPPORTUNITIES – AIMING AT THE COMMUNITY HEALTH.

In the picture of development in all society aspects in Vietnam as well as in the world, complicated disease situation, causing significant impacts on people’s health and threatening to human life, TRUONG THINH PHAT is becoming one of the leading and professional suppliers of health protection medical equipment in Vietnam. Our core – value is enhancing human health by prevention than cure.

With the desire to contribute to the prevention of disease worldwide today, we have been focusing on meeting the best, most reputable SUPPLY – DEMAND to expand the market of health protection products such as: medical masks, medical gloves and medical protection suits…..world – class products with USA and Europe certified ( FDA & CE ). In addition, TRUONG THINH PHAT focuses on consulting, guidance, professional training before technology transfer process and ensures maintenance and repair services to support customers to use products effectively.

We believe that, with the capacity, dynamism, creativity and responsibility of the company’s teams, TRUONG THINH PHAT will always complete the domestic trade contracts and export to the world market and to fulfill Health Technology Services Contracts with clients (public and private health facilities, Domestic and Foreign Field).

Together with financial resilience and professional staff, TRUONG THINH PHAT’s goals are towards on protecting the community health and satisfying our clients, partners in and out of the country.


  • Develop business operation associated with bringing about long-term benefits for employees and social security
  • Provide high – quality and reputable products in order to bring the best improvement to people’s health
  • Partly play role on improving quality of life thereby contributing to the course of community health protection and improvement


  • Responsibility, solidarity, fairness promotion and commitments respectability as the foundation for building up enterprise culture
  • Constant Innovation as the key to business development
  • Safety in all activities is the company’s commitment to the community and society.
  • Complying with laws, standards, quality policies and business ethics


  • With the desire to reach out for short-range as well as long-range goals parallelly on a sustainable development strategy, Truong Thinh Phat is targeting to become a leading company in manufacturing, distributing medical materials and equipment, the leading healthcare product supplier in Vietnam and worldwide.